Day of social engagement


This year, clavis supports the "Day of Social Engagement (Tag des sozialen Engagements)" of the Amos-Comenius-Gymnasium in Bonn Bad-Godesberg for the first time.
The Tag des sozialen Engagement/TSE was initiated by the "Nord-Süd-Kreis", an internal school organisation that has existed since 1999 and has been working together with the Senegalese non-governmental organisation ENDA ProNat and the German World Peace Service (deutscher Weltfriedensdienst) since 2003.
On the day of social engagement, the pupils work in the household or garden and, from the eighth grade onwards, in shops or companies with contracts that are concluded with the employer and include hourly wages and working hours.
The money collected is then donated to the village of Guédé in northern Senegal and used for education in sustainable agriculture, purchase of new agricultural equipment, example given.

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