Mobile WM with SAP Inventory Manager


For a customer from the petrochemical industry with locations in Asia, Europe and North America clavis successfully migrated the existing Agentry applications to the current SMP (SAP Mobile Platform). clavis also configured and commissioned the SAP Inventory Manager, the mobile solution in the warehouse for stock transfers as well as incoming and outgoing goods.

Because the mobile devices were replaced at the same time in the company, adjustments were also needed.The devices used so far ran on the basis of Windows CE.The devices used so far were based on Windows CE. The VPN client just supported the TLS 1.0 version as the encryption protocol for data transmission, so a platform change was necessary. The choice fell on Android, because TLS 1.2 can be used. Android devices with built-in 2D barcode scanners are also available.

An overview of the work performed by clavis:

  • Upgrade platform Agentry 5.0 to SMP 3.0 (Agentry 7.0)
  • Upgrade to Inventory Manager 4.2
  • Migration of customer enhancements to the new version
  • Transferring configurations to the SMP Config Panel
  • Adaptation of the client layout for modern hardware

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