ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming
abapGit Open-source Git-Client for ABAP-Development
Adobe Document Service = SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
ADT ABAP Development Tools
Agentry Mobile Middelware and Server from Fa. Syclo, now SAP
AIF Application Interface Framework (SAP component)
Asset Manager Predictive asset management (SAP application)
ATC ABAP Test Cockpit
BANF Purchase Requisition
BBP Business-to-Business Procurement (SAP component)
BC Business Connector
BI Business Intelligence
BOPF Business Object Processing Framework
BRF plus Business Rule Framework plus (SAP component)
BTP SAP Business Technology Platform
BW Business Information Warehouse (SAP component)
CA Cross Applications (SAP module)
CAP SAP Cloud Application Programming Model- Framework for cloud application development
CDS Views Core Data Services Views
CFM Corporate Finance Management (SAP component)
CO Controlling (SAP module)
CPI Cloud Platform Integration (SAP component)
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CS Customer Service
CVA Code Vulnerability Analyzer (SAP component)
ECC ERP Central Component
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EAM Enterprise Asset Management (SAP module, formerly SAP PM)
Eclipse Java-based, open source development environment
EHS Environment, Health & Safety  (SAP module)
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ESS Employee Self Services (SAP component)
EWM Extended Warehouse Management (SAP module)
FI Financial Accounting (SAP module)
Fiori Role-based user interface for SAP Software
FSM Field Service Management (SAP module)
GTS Global Trade Services (SAP module)
GUI Graphical User Interface
GuiXT Client-server based technology that enables SAP users to create customized screens and transactions without the necessity of manipulating ABAP
HANA High Performance Analytic Appliance (Development Platform SAP, In-Memory-Database)
HCM Human Capital Management
HR Human Resources (SAP module)
HUM Handling Unit Management
Idoc Intermediate Document
ILM Information Lifecycle Management (SAP module)
IM Investment Managemen (SAP module)
Inventory Manager Mobile solution in the warehouse for stock transfers, incoming and outgoing goods (SAP component)
IRF Information Retrieval Framework (SAP module)
IS Industry Specific Solutions
IS-U SAP for Utilities
ITSmobile SAP standard solution for connecting mobile devices
KM Knowledge Management (SAP component)
LE Logistics Execution
LE-TRA Logisttics Execution Transportation
LO Logistics (SAP component)
MAC Address Media-Access-Control-Address
MES Manufacturing Execution System
MM Materials Management (SAP module)
MM-IM Inventory Management (part of SAP MM)
MRS Multiresource Scheduling (SAP module)
NetWeaver Platform for SAP Business Applications
OData Open Data Protocol
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
OLTP Online Transactional Processing
PDM Product Data Management
PI Process Integration (SAP component; part of PO)
PLM Product-Lifecycle-Management
PM Plant Maintenance (SAP Module)
PO Process Orchestration (SAP component)
PP Production Planning and Control (SAP module)
PPS Production planning and control system
PS Project System (SAP module)
QM Quality Management (SAP module)
RAP ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model- SAP's model for developing data exchange between Web APIs in ABAP with JSON/XML
S/4HANA ERP system from SAP; based on the in-memory database SAP HANA
SAP CoPilot Digital assistant for business applications that executes commands by voice or text input
S/4HANA ERP software suite of SAP AG; basis is the in-memory database SAP HANA
SAP HANA in-memory database für S/4HANA
SAP HANA XS SAP HANA Extended Application Services
SAP Web IDE SAP Web-based Integrated Development Environment; development environment for SAPUI5 applications
SCM Supply Chain Management
SD Sales & Distribution (SAP module)
SEM Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP component)
SM Service Management (SAP Module)
SMP SAP Mobile Platform
SRM Supplier Relationship Management - Solution, in the area of procurement and supplier management
SUM Software Update Manager (SAP Tool)
Syclo companies with products for mobile applications, especially online/offline, now SAP
TM Transportation Managament (SAP module)
TR Treasury (SAP module)
UI5 User Interface Development Toolkit / JavaScript Framework
UX User Experience
WCM Work Clearance Management
Web Dynpro UI-Technology from SAP for Web Application Development
Web IDE Development tool for Fiori web applications
Work Manager SAP Work Manager - now SAP Asset Manager (Mobile Maintenance)
WM Warehouse Management (SAP module)
XI Exchange Infrastructure; precursor of SAP PI
Z-programs Customer-specific (ABAP) programs; enhancement of the SAP standard