The usage of mobile devices makes an inventory process leaner and more efficient. And the mobile inventory process replaces the paper solution with printed inventory lists by electronic processing.

Inventory lists are downloaded from the ERP system onto the mobile device. Stocks can be quickly recorded and processed using barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags. Subsequently, the inventory team transfers the inventory data from MDE or scanner to the backend system, wireless or online.

The processing of the inventory illustrates the advantage of a mobile solution: The inventory result is stored immediately into the ERP system. Thus, either ad hoc electronic copies are created for another/future inventory or the recorded data can be further processed in the ERP system.

Inventory differences from the mobile inventory (positive or negative stock balance difference and additionally recorded new stock) can be displayed immediately. Optionally these differences can be transferred automatically to SAP for a subsequent processing by Financial Accounting or Materials Management.

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