Plant Maintenance with SAP PM and SAP EAM

Maintenance is the main cost driver for plant-intensive companies. Thus, take advantage of the full potential of your SAP system and create synergies to improve the operational efficiency! clavis offers a wide range of extensions for SAP in the area of maintenance applications.

SAP Maintenance (SAP EAM)

With the module SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management, former SAP PM) SAP offers a solution to map operational maintenance processes in system technical terms:

  • Inspection
    Assessment of the actual state of a technical system (plant configuration, functional locations, object networking, etc.)
  • Maintenance
    Preservation of the target condition of a technical system (guarantee the availability of technical facilities)
  • Repair
    Reestablishment of the target condition of a technical system (malfunction message, capacity plans, work assignment, etc.)
  • Maintenance organization
    Project handling, budget planning, etc.

Moreover, there are related topics like occupational safety. clavis provides various solutions that enhance the operational safety and health management significantly and thus align risk minimization with operational efficiency.