Inventory Sampling in an Decentralized SAP Warehouse Management-System (SAP WMS)

For large stocks, it has proven successful in practice to perform sample inventories instead of an inventory of the entire stock. The advantage: Enormous time saving and reduction of staff costs.


SAP Inventory Sampling - Advantages

In cooperation with a large customer of the logistics branch, clavis has developed an application for inventory sampling by combining SAP standard programs, add-ons (i.e. self-developed programs) and a third-party system. This solution reduces the counting effort by up to 99,9 percent. The inventory is performed in parallel to the day-to-day business. Warehouse closing times are reduced; production downtimes and thus sales shortfalls are avoided.

The particularity of the solution: A warehouse number is assigned to each different customer with their own SAP ERP system. Plant, warehouse number and the logical system are used for delimitation.

SAP Inventory Sampling - Advantages - Functions

SAP Inventory Sampling provides the following functionalities and processes:

  • Provision of data from the ERP System
  • Provision of data from the WMS
  • Warehouse structure analysis in the external system
  • Creation of inventory documents
  • Counting
  • Posting differences
  • Provision of data from the WMS including posted differences
  • Extrapolation in the external system

This electronic solution is successfully implemented at several customer sites.

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