Central components in SAP for Integration

SAP offers an impressive product portfolio with an almost endless range of services, in which you can get lost, but which is nevertheless often (very) unfortunately not sufficient for your own needs.

If the SAP standard does not meet your requirements, we can efficiently realize individual application developments in the SAP environment with the proprietary programming language of SAP (ABAP Objects) and add them to your ERP system. Our many years of experience in ABAP development enable us to map even complex business processes in lean and resource-saving customer programs.

In many cases it makes sense to bring back self-developed programs into the standard. This should also be taken into consideration and this facet of development is also part of our core competence.

If you have any questions about your own SAP programs in your ERP system, e.g. how the runtime of existing programs can be reduced by intelligent programming, please contact us.