clavis Web Work Safety: Efficient and Cost-Effective Work Safety on the Web

The modern web application clavisWebWorkSafety supports you in the process of risk assessment in daily business and during shutdowns. Since Mai 2021 the clavisWorkSafety App ist listet in the SAP Store.


Comprehensive: Risk assessments, measures and more

In addition to the analysis of hazards and suitable measures, you have the possibility to digitize permits and neighboring company inquiries in order to save valuable time. The issue and printing of the work approval certificate is carried out together with other applicable documents such as hazardous material sheets or similar.

Individual: structures, processes and workflows

The entire risk assessment process can thus be summarized and mapped in one application. Company-specific adaptations can be implemented quickly and easily without programmatic effort. Thus clavisWebWorkSafety becomes your individual web application with all your internal structures, processes and workflows.

Independent: Intranet, Internet, mobile devices

clavisWebWorkSafety can easily be integrated into your existing Intranet or Internet environment due to the used web technology. The web application can be used on PC/laptop as well as with mobile devices like tablets etc.
The web application can be used without connection to SAP or other ERP systems.

Efficient: Integration into your SAP System

You do not have to forego integration with your maintenance system (SAP PM, Maximo, or similar). This ensures that functional locations, equipment, maintenance plans, orders and notifications can be integrated into the Web application and do not have to be entered twice. For this purpose clavis berater sozietät creates the interface to your backend system.

If you are interested in a completely integrated solution in your SAP system for the creation of risk assessments, you can learn more about ourSAP Add-on clavisWorkSafety here.