clavis Mobile WM – The Effective Solution for Warehouse Management and Shipping

Today an extreme time and cost pressure affects all fields of warehouse and shipping logistics. Any delay in this highly sensitive business area causes a negative chain reaction: idle times in production, annoyed forwarding agents and dissatisfied customers in the worst case. clavisMobileWM supports you in managing and controlling all warehouse processes optimally and thus to compete successfully in a tight internal and external market.

Improved Benefit of Available Potentials

With many years of project experience, amongst others at Bayer and DuPont, we are optimally familiar with the specific warehouse processes and problems. From our experience, we know that most of the companies already have started to restructure their stocks. Using clavis’s mobile online solutions these measures are supported at the best and the full potential for optimization is tapped even better.

Take advantage of the mobile online solutions provided by clavis to make better use of the existing optimization potentials in your company:

  • Increased productivity by optimized warehouse processes
  • Improved warehouse capacity utilization by real-time data entry
  • Fully integrated processes
  • Expandable standard solution based on SAP WM
  • Support of barcode, Pick-by-Voice and RFID
  • Online solution incl. fallback system (real-time access to operative
    company data, verification function, direct confirmation of shipping orders)
  • Free selection of appropriate mobile devices
  • High user acceptance by convenient user guidance and avoidance
    of multiple data inputs
  • Fast and smooth implementation
  • Common experience shows ROI in less than 12 months
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Competent consultancy team with comprehensive process expertise

Transparent and Customer Oriented Project Process

No warehouse is as like as the other. Thus we always address the specific issues of our customers at first and jointly elaborate a strategy for a solution that exactly meets the requirements on-site. Only that way an easy and fast implementation of additional application components is ensured. Our work breakdown structure generally includes four stages:

  1. On-Site Analysis: Workshop to analyze your as-is situation (baseline of warehouse structure,
    processes, technical feasibility etc.). Target concept with recommended actions.
  2. Structure and Process Optimisation: Based on our expertise we align your warehouse structure and processes to the employment of mobile devices
  3. Implementation: Based on SAP LES, SAP WM/EWM and the clavisMobile package your warehouse processes are mapped to transactions and reports.
  4. Technical Link: Selection of mobile devices best suited for the application area and implementation of WLAN infrastructure.

With clavisMobileWM we provide you

We at clavis do not restrict ourselves to merely introduce prefabricated standard solutions. We provide you a complete coordinated portfolio from analysis to implementation - flexibly combinable and customizable.

Please read also our Book "Optimize your Mobile Applications in Warehouse and Shipping with SAP WM", published by Galileo Press (Rheinwerk Verlag)