BOPF – Business Object Processing Framework

The end of the treadmill

The Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) is an object-based ABAP framework. It provides a range of generic services and functions for developers of business applications. Instead of having to invest the same effort in the infrastructure for each new business application, the components for authorizations, lock logic, buffer management, and so on, can be reused.

This accelerates and standardizes the development of business applications. The BOPF is delivered with SAP Business Suite EHP7 (or EHP5 SP11 / EHP6 SP05) and can be used free of charge within the scope of these licenses. As of release SAP NetWeaver 7.50, BOPF is available in SAP NetWeaver as a standalone solution.

BOPF follows the Model View Controller (MVC) approach. This means that the program logic is separated from the user interface. This structure has the advantage that several user interfaces can access the identical logic simultaneously. Once the logic has been developed, it can be used simultaneously in different applications.