ABAP Test Cockpit ATC

The ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) is the central SAP tool to check, evaluate and improve the quality of customer ABAP developments.

What is the benefit?

The number of companies that use and appreciate ATC productively is growing rapidly. There are several reasons for this:

  • ATC increases the security, stability, performance, maintainability and releaseability of the programs developed in-house and provides support during HANA or S/4HANA implementation.
  • ATC also increases the competence of the developers and their sensitivity for the above-mentioned topics.
  • ATC is included in the standard system and can be implemented easily and cost-effectively.
  • ATC requires little administrative effort and - provided that the implementation was well done - runs largely automatically and "silently".
  • ATC will be further expanded. For example, under S/4HANA and the use of ADT (ABAP Development Tool, successor to SE80) there is the possibility of mass changes to programs.

clavis supports you with additional, exclusive services

  • A tried and tested procedure model
  • The inventory and evaluation of your customer-specific developments
  • A derived strategy for an ATC implementation

We also have preconfigured templates for the checks available for you and have developed a number of additional tools that extend and optimize the ABAP Test Cockpit, such as

  • System-wide test runs and automated notification of developers about found errors
  • Automated release of findings, according to defined rules
  • ATC errors when checking SAP standard code in the customer namespace (e.g. OData services) are ignored
  • Customer-specific ATC checks in addition to SAP standard checks
  • GDPR-compliant check of access to personal data or connection to ILM

Learn about our strategy

Experience shows that ATC is hardly noticeable after a few weeks in productive use, but it has a measurable effect: the quality of the developments reaches a significantly higher level and saves IT maintenance and development costs in the long term.

But: If ATC is introduced without "advance warning", this can lead to a considerable hindrance for developers who are suddenly confronted with unexpected and unknown requirements.

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