SAP Asset Manager / SAP Work Manager

Your entry into mobile maintenance.

SAP Work Manager is a mobile application to allow technicians to work safer and more independent and productive.

The app provides all necessary information to your employees which they need for their work with maintenance orders.

  • Display and editing of work orders
  • Display and editing of notifications
  • Display of technical places
  • Display of equipment

SAP Work Manger in the technical building management

Also, a major provider in the area of technical building management decided to displace paper-based maintenance. Due to time savings in processing and confirming as well as error minimization the process is supposed become more efficient. Here, clavis experts worked on the realization of the SAP part.

At first, the master data which is vital for the process was updated and missing information such as locations or parts including specific information have been added.

The processes to complete standard tasks e.g. maintenance, inspection or functionality tests have been depicted in SAP PM. The procurement of third-party services has been integrated via the MM module.

The processing of assignments is conducted by external service providers in the first place. They work with mobiles devices that run Windows, iOS or Android. Besides the validation of the entered data in the backend, scanning RFID chips at the technical machines is supposed to proof the accuracy of the operational location.

The realization steps

  • Extension for authentication with client certificate
  • Embedding RFID scanner for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Embedding GIS of technical objects for user navigation
  • Expanding logic for assignment routing at team and user levels
  • Expanding order processing with checklist function
    • Dynamic checklists based on different criteria from order and technical object
      • Maintenance interval
      • Order type
      • Technical Object Type
    • Checklist entries with different editing types
  • Extension of the document functionality to call ArchiveLink documents
  • Creation of a PDF report after order confirmation and filing in SAP DMS with order