ABAP Test Cockpit

Tool for quality assurance of ABAP code

The ABAP Test Cockpit is an ABAP check toolset that you can use to perform static checks and ABAP Unit tests for your ABAP programs.

To ensure smooth migration and comparable check results, the ABAP Test Cockpit is compatible with SAP³s Code Inspector. This means that   Code Inspector checks and variants can be reused in the ABAP Test Cockpit.

The ABAP Test Cockpit is fully integrated into the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse and the ABAP Development Workbench and provides various filtering, navigation and checking functions

ATC is included by default in SAP NetWeaver 7.4 and higher.

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Business Rule Framework BRFplus

Creation of rules in SAP

BRF+ is an ABAP-based framework and part of the NetWeaver stack. BRF+ enables you to define business rules without having to develop/create ABAP code. The generated business rules can be integrated into other SAP programs or substitution/validation rules.

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