The Open Integration Platform Netweaver

Central Point of Access to all Day-to-Day Business Applications

In many enterprises, the complexity of the IT system landscape has assumed unmanageable proportions during the recent years. The update of single components and the synchronization of interfaces, master data, access points and processes often resemble a Sisyphean labor.

With its release of the NetWeaver platform in 2003 SAP has provided a framework to control the manifold requirements of a complex enterprise IT environment and thus to evolve the IT into a real value-creation factor.

Open for all existing and future applications

NetWeaver is a plug-in application that enables all users an access to any existing and future day-to-day business application, similar to a PC operating system. ABAP and J2EE provide the basis for a database and operating system independent integration of human resources, information and processes. Besides HTTP, XML and web services NetWeaver therefore consequently supports other open standards and enables amongst others enhancements and shared services with Microsoft. Net or IBM Websphere. Furthermore, NetWeaver provides interfaces to third-party software applications.

Thus IT processes can be designed more effectively. Additionally, communication, knowledge management and process management are founded on a wider basis.

Know-how for individually customized solutions based on NetWeaver

Concerning the NetWeaver based SAP connectors, clavis possesses comprehensive know-how in the development of customized solutions for any kind of application (link techniques …). We are able to combine SAP internal as well as in-house solutions or third-party applications seamlessly, e.g. clavisMobile, SAP® BusinessConnector and Apache Tomcat or SAP Mobile Engine. From us you receive one-stop:

  • Application development in Java and .NET on mobile devices as well as on PC and server platforms
  • Installation, administration, creation of SAP BusinessConnector and Process Integration (PI)
  • Implementation of clients respectively server applications with direct connection to SAP (JCo, .NET-Connector)
  • Development of web clients suitable for SAP BusinessConnector, SAP PI, Tomcat, J2EE
  • Development of various functions for your SAP system
  • IDoc extensions
  • Training for SAP BusinessConnector, SAP PI, .NET, Java-Connector and SAP® Mobile Engine