clavis Work Safety supports processes in occupational safety

Service and maintenance or repair work must be carried out in any industrial plant. This happens either during regular operation or during a plant shutdown – also called Turnaround (TAR). The requirements differ significantly in both areas. Whereas the risk is normally higher for maintenance during regular operation (e.g. hot work on installations carrying combustible materials), the volume of maintenance measures during plant shutdown is extremely higher with partly a lower risk. A complete shutdown means production shortage. Thus, the shorter the downtimes the lower are the financial losses.

clavisWorkSafety supports your processes in occupational safety during shutdown and in daily business in an audit-proof and efficient way by

  • Standardization of recurrent processes
  • Involvement of contractors in the process
  • Uniform risk assessment for all contractors
  • Synergy by usage of data in the SAP system, like maintenance order, functional locations, equipment etc.

clavisWorkSafety – integrated and scalable

clavisWorkSafety is completely integrated into SAP and assists you in the creation and approval of your risk assessment. If required, subsequently a work permit for your technician is generated.

clavisWorkSafety can be enhanced by the following modules:

clavisWebWorkSafety - the the state-of-the-art alternative

Besides the clavisWorkSafety solution fully integrated into SAP we also offer the web solution clavisWebWorkSafety as a modern alternative, which also supports you in creating risk assessments.