SAP interfaces for Product Lifecycle Management solution

Henkel is a company with global operations based in Düsseldorf. In their fragrance center, scent profiles for detergents and other Henkel products are developed, like hair color, glue sticks or toilet blocks. Up to 10.000 tons of perfume oils can be produced per year. 450 different fragrances were manufactured in 2015 (Source: AKTIVonline).

Replacement of Cost-Intensive Legacy Systems

clavis berater sozietät has been mandated to develop a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for the Henkel fragrance center. The main focus thereby was a cost-effective developing and managing of mixtures for the chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industry. In addition, to replace the cost-intensive legacy systems swiftly, the implementation was required as short a term as possible.

Combination of Business Processes and Creative Work

clavis berater sozietät assumed this task in cooperation with its partner Living Pages. Living Pages was responsible for the system architecture and mapping of the internal business processes, whilst clavis defined the interaction of the various SAP systems and implemented the corresponding interfaces. The goal to combine fixed business process rules on the one hand with the demands of a creative development department, on the other hand, presented a major challenge. The resulting system with the name ‚NARIS’ is based on J2EE and XML. It is particularly suited to map complex business processes and solves the task set to the great satisfaction of all those involved in the process.

Model for Success Since More than 10 Years

Naris has been developed and implemented in only one year in the Henkel fragrance center IT environment and is successfully in use since more than 10 years. Naris itself, as well as the interfaces to the SAP systems, are continuously adapted to current requirements (legal provisions relating to hazardous substances, change of operating processes and safety regulations). Also, the technical base is continually updated.