Intelligent solutions from clavis for occupational safety and personnel scheduling at UHR OEL

Since 2009 clavis has been successfully advising Ruhr Oel in joint projects. With solutions developed by clavis for occupational safety and personnel disposition, processes at Ruhr Oel GmbH were made more efficient.

Web application for personnel resource planning

Together with the customer, we developed a web application based on the JavaScript framework OpenUI5 for the personnel resource planning of Ruhr Oel GmbH. This application records all personnel deployments of a large industrial plant with all relevant information including the preparation for a comprehensive reporting.
All relevant data (areas of application, activities, attendance times, etc.) are provided by the backend via an OData service. The application has been continuously further developed and is subject to a continuous improvement process. It enjoys a high level of acceptance among users.

SAP Add-On for Risk Assessment and Work Clearance

A large and long-standing project led to the development of a tool for the creation of risk assessments as an SAP add-on in the maintenance module (EAM). With the further development of mobile work clearance processes and work approvals as well as the inclusion of mobile laboratory analyses, Ruhr Oel's processes could be made faster and safer.

By using this solution, a lot of time and associated costs are saved every day. "We are very impressed with how we were able to significantly optimize our processes in the area of occupational safety with a comparatively low investment," says an employee in the Risk Assessment and Permit Process department at Ruhr Oel.
The application focuses on the risk assessment of maintenance work. Possible dangers are minimized with the help of preparatory and accompanying protective measures in a risk assessment. In addition, other processes such as mobile laboratory analyses and window pane management help to define and process a risk assessment. A complete approval procedure completes the process of risk assessment and leads to a work release with minimal risk for employees and equipment.

Successful implementation of complex business processes

The requirements to the clavis consultants were manifold: Current maintenance processes, such as the recording of work orders and equipment in SAP, were to be integrated into the application. The tool should also offer a high degree of user-friendliness and convince users of its efficiency. Ruhr Oel's strict security management had to be covered by the tool.
Within six months clavis berater sozietät developed a risk assessment tool with numerous, highly complex functionalities. After only a short time, hundreds of users could be convinced of the effectiveness and efficiency of the tool integrated into the existing processes and structures.
Digitized processes save time; among other things, releases can be reported back and laboratory analysis values can now be recorded. The project flow and the realization convinced the responsible persons at Ruhr Oel: "The approach of the clavis consultants opens up new perspectives for the improvement of further processes, not only at other locations, but also in other divisions of the company".

New projects are currently being evaluated and planned together in order to continue the successful cooperation in the future.