Web-based electronic risk assessment


For the conduct of the legally required risk assessment, e.g. with maintenance measures, as well as for the issue of work permits, clavis now provides web-based solutions. The web front-end is available as a connection to an SAP system and as a stand-alone solution (without ERP system as backend). Data are stored or read into, respectively from an e.g. SQL DB.

With the electronic risk assessment of clavis you can map the relevant assessment catalog for your company completely – according to the applicable trade union regulations or your company's own rules. Hereby each hazard is logically combined with its appropriate safety measure. Thus, the user is guided along the performance of the entire risk assessment, whereby a signal control ensures the completeness of this process. Free text and documents can be entered or attached additionally. As a result, a record of measures and responsibilities is generated that can be released via the ERP system or the web.

Using the electronic tool of clavis, you take advantage of existing company data and achieve simultaneously considerable synergy effects, especially with recurring measures. Further on the standardization of your processes leads to an immense saving of time and costs.

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