Change value-added tax in SAP


FTXP - the SAP transaction used by all German SAP customers this month

The German government's economic stimulus package has certainly surprised many people, especially the temporary reduction of the sales tax!

So don't forget to maintain new VAT codes in the SAP system until July! This is done with the transaction FTXP.  Create new VAT codes! Two for input tax, two for sales tax and two for acquisition tax for EU deliveries of goods, so that the new tax rates of 16% and reduced 5% can be mapped and used in the SAP system until 31.12.2020. To do this, copy your corresponding tax codes in SAP.

Those of you whose SAP system still has the old 16% VAT code from 2006: Re-activate it again!

One additional tip: In the new features of the SAP Enhancement Package 8 (EHP8) for ERP 6.0, there is a useful enhancement for the VAT codes. With the installation of OSS message 2074351, you have the option of setting VAT indicators inactive in transaction FTXP. This means that only the active indicators are displayed to the user in the F4 value help.

Once you have copied and created the tax codes, use transactions VK12 and MEK2 to also change your condition records for condition type "MWST" (in the standard SAP system or your own condition type) in accordance with the new VAT codes and rates.

For recurring orders in payment transactions for services that are subject to VAT, please note that payments for the service period from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2020 are subject to reduced rates and the recurring orders must be reduced accordingly.

We wish you a successful implementation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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