Solution for risk assessment now also available as Internet application


In the fall of 2022, a large refinery in northern Germany introduced a web application for the risk assessment of activities developed by clavis . Since then, both the internal team and external service providers used this front-end web application to create risk assessments. Technologically, it is based on a PHP backend as well as SAP UI5 in the front-end and hosted in the Azure Cloud.

However, this application was thus only accessible within the company network. In order to increase efficiency and productivity as well as reduce costs, we extended the application for the customer in such a way that it is also accessible via the Internet. The implementation of internet functionality for the existing web application, required some security related changes. The goal was to be able to access the application securely from the Internet and from the internal network.

clavis implemented the changes in an extremely tight schedule. All security and penetration tests were successfully passed.

Thanks to the new technical solution the whole process for external service providers could be accelerated enormously and the creation of many requests one after the other, especially during downtime, is now guaranteed. The introduction of the new standard means an excellent improvement in workflow and productivity.

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