SAP ADS maintenance end 2027


Cloud service replaces previous on-premise solution

For many companies that use the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java, SAP's announcement that it will only offer maintenance for this component until the end of 2027 brings with it a problem. This is because SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (= Adobe Document Service), an important component, runs on it. Creating and printing documents is a business-critical service, which means that the continued use of interactive forms is essential for business processes in many companies.

To continue using forms, SAP recommends moving to SAP Forms Service by Adobe, a cloud service based on the Business Technology Platform. There are no plans for an on-premise solution as a successor product. This means that companies that continue to rely on interactive forms after 2027 (or 2030 - at an additional cost for Extended Maintenance) will have to move to the cloud.

In this context, the German-speaking SAP user group DSAG has already noted that there are problems with the performance of the new solution as well as various unanswered questions about the migration of existing services and points out that disruptions or even interruptions in the forms system within a complex production and logistics process can easily lead to damages in the millions. DSAG has therefore published a detailed statement.

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