Recovering archived data


Some archiving objects (e.g. SD_COND for price conditions) support the unproblematic reloading of the deleted data from the archive by jumping from transaction SARA. However, this option is not available for many archiving objects.

For example, if you want to restore archived purchasing info records (archiving object MM_EINA), you will find that this is not supported by the SAP standard. We recommend the following procedure, here using the example of purchasing info records.

Create archive info structures in transaction SARJ according to your requirements. For this purpose, consider which fields are important to you for the recovery and include them in the info structures. For example, you could create an info structure Z_EINA_EINE for the purchasing info records and another info structure Z_KONH_KONP for the corresponding price condition records. If you are missing fields in the field selection, you must first create a field catalog (via Environment in transaction SARJ). Caution: Depending on the release, the field catalog SAP_MM_EINA_AS could be inconsistent - copy it if necessary and insert the additional source field EINE_INFNR for the target field INFNR.

Once you have created the archive info structures, activate them and build them from one or more archives using the Status button in transaction SARI. You can then use the Archive Explorer button to select from the imported data, view it and export it to Excel.

This way you have created the prerequisite to read them back into your SAP system with your usual migration tool (e.g. LSMW) without any development effort.

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