Printing external PDFs with the SAP-System


clavis customers repeatedly face the problem that PDF-documents may only be printed in the standard version of the SAP-system if these have also been created by SAP themselves.
If it is necessary to print pdf-documents that originate from external systems, as for example safety data sheets in correlation to SAP PM or SAP EH&S, this is just not feasible.

For this reason, clavis has now developed a tool that allows printing external PDFs out of SAP.
With this, a pdf created with an external web service is converted into postscript-data. The external document can then be attached to the usual print-job in RAW format.

There is solely one requirement: a PS capable printer. The mentioned external web service could, for example, be a JAVA-application that is hosted on a separate application server within the company network.

A NetWeaver Java Application Server would also be plausible.

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