New architecture for proven control-of-work solution


With UI5 and PHP to better performance and contemporary design

The web application Control-of-Work (CoW) developed by clavis, which has been successfully and trouble-free in use at BP Gelsenkirchen for years, has received a modern architecture, including a new front-end. The CoW application with an interface to the ERP system is used by contractors for the standardized creation of activity-related risk assessments. The CoW is available in two versions - one for daily work (DW - Daily Work) and another during shutdown processing (TAR - Turn Around).

For reasons of transformation to the cloud, they did not want to migrate with the existing system architecture, so within 3 months we modernized the back-end and converted the framework in the front-end from CodeIgniter to SAP-related OpenUI5. This gave the intuitive application a contemporary and responsive design. Colored buttons and icons give users a quick overview of the open points of their risk assessment. Furthermore, the performance of the application was again significantly improved and the security significantly increased.

For the implementation of the new CoW application, including development as well as migration to the cloud of the two variants DW and TAR, we sticked to the budget in terms of cost and time. The proven CoW application is now available to the contractors of BP Gelsenkirchen from the cloud, virtually at any time (24/7).

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