Multifunctional shipping cockpit for SAP


In a WM-managed warehouse, the multifunctional cockpit on the interface between SAP WM, SAP SD and SAP PP creates complete transparency: both deliveries and production orders are monitored and controlled at header and item level by means of a status logic. At a glance, the user can see the progress of individual transfer requirements and orders, can start a mobile checklist workflow directly from the cockpit, post MM goods movements and branch to all the documents involved. The cockpit also has an archive and print function for delivery notes.

This application, therefore, offers a unified solution, which in the SAP standard system requires a large number of individual transactions:

  • List of all deliveries and production orders linked with corresponding TR and TO items including display of individual SU numbers
  • Color logic for status overview
  • Triggering and resetting presorting
  • Posting goods issue
  • delivery note printing

The SAP dispatch cockpit was developed and successfully implemented by clavis consultants within the scope of a customer project.

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