Make your SAP System fit for the GDPR


Can you provide all personal data in SAP at the touch of a button? - We do!

Since 25 May 2018 - on this day the new basic EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) DSGVO came into force - companies have the obligation to map and implement the new data protection regulations.

Among other things, the regulation obliges companies, for example at the request of customers, to collect, store and, if desired, delete certain information. The company must therefore be able to identify and find all types of personal files without exception.
Now the question to you: do you keep personal data in your SAP system and could you provide it at the push of a button if necessary? If not, you must take urgent action, because failure to comply with the DSGVO can have serious financial consequences for companies.

Make your SAP fit for the GDPR! We have tools ready for you. Fast, simple, HANA-optimized. Talk to us!

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