Integration of custom code into the SAP standard


Customer-specific cockpit in front, SAP standard in the background

An ALV cockpit for the organisation of outgoing road transports, originally based mainly on Z objects, has now been strongly integrated with the SAP standard. When using the cockpit, SD transports are now automatically created and updated. Users can continue to use the cockpit they are used to, while the SAP standard can operate in the background.

Examples of some integrative features:

  • The status logics of the Z transports and SD transports are coordinated and are always kept synchronous via BAPI calls.
  • The activity profiles and message control of the SAP standard can be fully used (e.g. for goods issue posting or bill of lading printing).
  • Complex transport constellations, such as pre-carriage, main carriage and on-carriage, can be mapped.
  • The connection of forwarders and CEP service providers is now managed from the SD transport - including shipment tracking.
  • The freight cost accounting of LE-TRA is used.
  • Upstream mobile warehouse processes, such as picking for deliveries and gate allocation and verification were taken into account.
  • The overall solution includes the integration with a simultaneously successful implementation project for hazardous materials and dangerous goods.
  • Future adaptations, which are to take effect in the SAP standard, do not have to be realised by new modifications, but can be made in the cockpit through the interactions created.

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