Energy efficiency management in SAP


Control of energy efficiency has become one of the most important instruments to achieve the objectives of cost reduction and environmental protection. clavis recently has developed an SAP add-on to evaluate energy consumption and energy costs directly in SAP. By implementing this tool you create a crucial prerequisite for a corporate-wide and standard compliant energy efficiency management system (EEMS).

Presentation and Evaluation in SAP Standard

In cooperation with Kröhnert Infotecs GmbH clavis has developed a cockpit that allows for a collection, presentation and evaluation of measurement data in SAP standard. Besides, the application complies with the specifications of the European energy efficiency directive 2012/27/EU.

The software documents the measurement values determined by Profoxy ® Emu and Profoxy ® Emon in SAP via XML import and records the corresponding data automatically in standardized tables.

This clavis software solution is fully integrated into SAP and it enables you to detect and to benefit from the energy cost reduction potential in your company.


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