Increase work safety, reduce maintenance costs



Every employer has a strong interest in making the workplaces of his employees as safe as possible. However, often management is not aware that the subject work safety has a significant impact on the efficiency of processes and the maintenance costs of the plant, too – the more reliable risks are detected and eliminated, the smoother operations can be maintained. That means less accidents, less defects and shorter downtimes.

clavisWorkSafety combines the advantages of a standardized risk assessment with the specific requirements of your company. This software solution can be fully integrated into your SAP system and allows for direct access to all necessary data. With help of a risk catalog and logically linked measures, hazards can be assessed for each activity and every workplace with low effort. Additionally, clavisWorkSafety provides an automated work permit procedure that further increases the efficiency of your operations and the safety of all workers on the site.

By the way: clavisWorkSafety is also available as a web application with the complete range of functions. This alternative does not require the integration into an ERP system.

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