clavis supports Ruhr Oel during turnaround


In regular intervals the refinery plants of Ruhr Oel GmbH in Gelsenkirchen are inspected and accepted by the TÜV. In the course of such a turnaround the complete plant is shut down in order to be able to carry out necessary inspection, maintenance and repair measures. This year, the major overhaul of the Olefin 4 plant will take place at Scholven. A shutdown of about 50 days is expected, so that the plant should restart at the end of September.

clavis has been developing tools for the creation of risk assessments as SAP add-on in the module Maintenance (EAM) for several years already. With the further development of mobile work clearance management and work releases as well as the inclusion of mobile laboratory analyses the processes of Ruhr Oel could be designed faster and safer.

Within the turnaround clavis was assigned with the support of the Control of Work (CoW) Cockpit. This includes not only the cockpit in SAP but also a web tool for the partner companies, so that the maintenance of the risk assessments is guaranteed on the operational side as well as on the side of the external service providers (so-called contractors).

clavis ensures the trouble-free flow of the permission process in SAP and webtool. This includes

  • the creation of new partner companies and users in the webtool,
  • the assignment of plants, operating areas and roles in SAP, which are necessary for the confirmation of the mating disks, as well as
  • ensuring the functionality and error-free operation of the tool and the various transactions by employees.

Several times a day, employees are provided with various evaluations from the SAP system in info systems for quick access. These include

  • Statistics, statuses and processing degrees of releases (up to the overview of current releases with detailed data),
  • comprehensive overviews of laboratory analysis results for operation, equipment, functional location, measuring points with measured values, and additionally
  • the new open requirements that have already been made.

In this way, the operating personnel have detailed information on any problems in shutdown operations at their disposal at any time, so that measures can be derived immediately.

In addition, very simple overviews are created for the setting of several thousand plug-in disks, which show all involved roughly and in detail the current status of each individual and also multiple-used plug-in disk or per system, equipment. Detailed data such as size, diameter, thickness, use in various lists such as system limit and or equipment plan the installation status and many other data are included.

Read more about the use of clavis solutions at Ruhr Oel: Intelligent solutions for occupational safety and personnel scheduling as well as WCM - Work Clearence Management for the process of mechanical isolation.

A detailed info of BP about this year's TAR can be found here.

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