clavis supports Ruhr Oel during turnaround


At regular intervals the refinery plants of Ruhr Oel GmbH in Gelsenkrichen are inspected and approved by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). Within the scope of such a turnaround, the entire plant is shut down in order to be able to carry out the necessary inspection, maintenance and repair measures.

For several years clavis has been developing tools for the creation of risk assessments as SAP Add-On in the maintenance module (EAM). With the further development of mobile work clearance processes and work approvals as well as the inclusion of mobile laboratory analyses, Ruhr Oel's processes could be made faster and safer.

As part of the major turnaround in autumn 2019, clavis was commissioned with the support of the Control of Work (CoW) cockpit and supports the workers directly on site. In addition to the cockpit in SAP, this includes a web tool for the partner companies so that the maintenance of the risk assessments is guaranteed both on the part of the company and on the part of the external service providers (so-called contractors).

clavis ensures the smooth process of the permit process in SAP and the Webtool. This includes the creation of new partner companies and users in the web tool, the assignment of plants, operating areas and roles in SAP, as well as ensuring the functionality and error-free operation of the tool and the various transactions by the employees. (In this context, communication takes place via e-mail, telephone, Skype or personally directly with the employees, so that no delays in the process occur.)

In addition, several different evaluations are carried out every day. These evaluations include updating the release notes so that the worklist is ready for the next day and evaluating the backup positions to check the current status of the various areas of a system. In addition, clavis takes over the import and synchronization of new work packages.

For each day of a shutdown, costs in the seven-figure range are incurred. Therefore, a smooth process without delays is particularly important. This is guaranteed by continuous support.

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