ABAP Cloud: the new ABAP development model for cloud technology


ABAP Cloud is the new ABAP development model that allows you to create business applications, services and extensions for the cloud. Classic ABAP was originally designed for the development of enterprise applications and for the extension of customer-specific applications. Since not all original ABAP concepts are suitable for cloud technology, SAP has developed ABAP Cloud.

The most important features of ABAP Cloud

  1. Development in the cloud: ABAP Cloud enables the development of applications and services directly in the cloud environment. Developers can access the ABAP language and tools without the need for local installations.
  2. Lifecycle stability: With ABAP Cloud, developers can create lifecycle-stable applications. This means that applications will continue to function in the cloud environment even with future updates and changes.
  3. Integration scenarios: ABAP Cloud covers various aspects, including integration scenarios, transactional or analytical apps, and full tool and lifecycle support.
  4. Development tools: ABAP Cloud offers both a rich integrated development environment (IDE) for professional developers and low-code/no-code tools for key users.

ABAP Cloud as a "must" for an S/4Hana public cloud system

For an S/4Hana public cloud system, ABAP Cloud is the only option for emplementing enhancements and is therefore mandatory. For an S/4HANA on-premise or private cloud system, both classic ABAP and ABAP Cloud can be used.

If you would like to learn more about ABAP Cloud, we recommend the official SAP help page on ABAP Cloud.


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