Implementation of mobile processes in SAP for warehouse and shipping



SolarWorld AG

The implementation of the mobile WM processes described in the specifications should be mapped as close as possible to the standard according to customer requirements.

It had to be taken into account that the SAP implementation was carried out in a client with two company codes, in which cross-company code deliveries had to be mapped. In addition, nested handling units (HU; Handling Unit Management HUM) and batch management are available in SAP WM, which had to be taken into account on a mobile basis, as well as over- and under-quantities during inventory or the recording of the serial number during picking.

In addition, the packing table was optimized in SAP WM with regard to load control and the process of double-play optimization was introduced. This describes whether a narrower or wider forklift can be used in the warehouse for the storage bin.

In total, more than 70 mobile terminals (forklift terminals and MDE scanners) are used in the warehouse at Solar World AG.