Test Reports - Plant Inspection with SAP PM and DMS

In keeping with statutory requirements and the group regulations, every system is subject to specific audit requirements. clavis has developed a solution that facilitates the processing of test records the employees and the company thus saving valuable time and money.


Easy creation of test protocols

Integrated into the SAP standard maintenance process are printed from the Maintenance job all relevant test reports.

The completed test records are scanned on a multifunction device or on the computer and sent via E-Mail. Order of the pages or group by protocol is not necessary here. About a barcode, the pages of the document are automatically assigned to the correct test report. Each audit log is sorted and checked. Faulty logs will be sent by E-Mail to an employee.

Test documents always at hand

Error-free test reports are identified by the barcode and stored in the SAP system to the maintenance object. This all relevant examination paper system always and for all eligible employees are available.