SAP EWM: Extension of the Warehouse Management Monitor

In the past you have often written your own programs to implement your own business logic and made them available via separate transactions or had to carry out complex screen extensions in existing transactions. SAP EWM offers a much simpler approach.

In EWM, you can add your own ABAP code to the scope of functions of the Warehouse Management Monitor (transaction /SCWM/MON) with just a few adjustments in Customizing. Implement your self-developed function modules into the monitor in such a way that they appear as new text buttons, symbols or drop-down menu items next to the SAP standard functionalities.

In the aforementioned Customizing, you also define under which conditions or in which of the numerous monitor views the new functions are to be available.

If you need support for such an extension, be it with customizing, with the development of the methods or of course with setting up your complete warehouse in EWM, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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