Problems when updating a Fiori app

Deployed an update of your Fiori app to the Launchpad, but don't see any change?

In such moments you can be close to despair, but this does not have to be the case. The fact that deployed changes are not immediately visible can have various causes. As a rule, however, the cause lies with the numerous caches. In the so-called cache, data is stored that is often needed and can be reused. What is often advantageous for the performance of applications, can however also lead to undesired behavior. In this small article we will show you how you can easily clear or reset corresponding caches.


Clear browser cache

First of all, you should clear the browser cache. This works differently from browser to browser:

Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge

Press the F12 key so that the developer tools open. Then, on the Refresh button next to the address bar, right-click to open a context menu where you need to select the "Empty cache and hard reload" entry.


Mozilla Firefox

Go to Settings - Privacy & Security - Clear Data


Running certain SAP reports

If the browser cache is cleared but the changes are still not visible, it is worth running certain reports in the SAP system. To do this, log on to the system via the SAP GUI and visit transaction SE38. The following reports can be executed via these transactions:


  • Can be executed for all users


  • Care must be taken to select the execution mode


  • Here you should not choose "Full Calculation", because it often takes a lot of time. The last 24h - 48h are usually enough.


  • Token validity in hours can stay at 48 here as well.

Once you have completed all the steps and reloaded your Fiori app, you should see the latest version of your app. Note: The first launch of the app may be a bit slower now, as the caches need to be refilled first. You may need to log in again.

Check the order of transport requests

If your app was transported to another system and you still do not see the current changes there, you should check whether there may have been several transport requests that were imported in the wrong order.


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