clavis Impuls: Display and analysis of energy consumption figures directly in SAP

High energy prices are a particular burden on the manufacturing industry and already account for 20 percent of total costs in the process industry. However, this also presents chances: Companies that succeed in lowering their energy consumption through more efficient processes gain a competitive advantage. The key factor hereby is energy intensity, the ratio of energy consumption and gross value added.

Through the perfect interaction of our integrated solution and your SAP system, you can achieve the optimum energy intensity of your operation – and thus get even more competitive.


Your Energy Management in SAP

As a complement to the system PROFOXY® of our partner sdc Smart Data Communication GmbH clavis has realized an add-on to evaluate energy consumption and costs directly in SAP – a cockpit solution that enables you to implement a company-wide and standard compliant energy management system (EnMS).

Presentation and Evaluation in SAP Standard

Using the add-on clavisImpuls you can collect, display and evaluate all your relevant measurement data in SAP – in compliance with the specifications of the European Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU. For this the measurement values determined by PROFOXY® are created in SAP via XML import as measurement documents and the corresponding data are filled automatically into standardized tables.

Clear Advantage by clavisImpuls

clavisImpuls – the fully SAP integrated energy management system – enables you to exactly measure the energy flows in your company and to exploit the respective cost-cutting potential systematically.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Data basis of an ENMS according to DIN EN ISO 50001 for the granting of the peak compensation acc. Top Level Efficiency System Regulation (SpaEfV)
  • Data-technical basis for a standard compliant EnMS (required to request the reduction of the
  • Renewable Energy Sources Act (RESA) levy and electricity tax)
  • Presentation and analysis of energy consumption figures directly in SAP (consistent database)
  • Use of SAP standard functions – no additional license costs
  • Linking of energy consumption, energy costs and production figures
  • Detailed reporting system, report generation, graphic presentations
  • Identification of saving potentials, reduction of energy demand, resource conservation
  • Increase of sustainability and improved public image in the area of resources and environmental management