clavisEspressivo is the interface that connects your SAP system to all well-known courier, express and parcel services (CEP). And it is exactly designed to meet the needs of packing and shipping. As a consequence, the extensive double entry of packing and shipping data in the parcel service provider systems is avoided. Thus, your shipping process is extremely more efficient and the data in your ERP system are always up-to-date.


clavisEspressivo – Advantages

  • All shipping data are entered into the SAP system solely
  • Time-saving and reduced error rate by single data entry
  • Process optimization by using a joint data basis
  • Automatic data transfer to CEP service provider systems
  • Creation of labels and shipping orders directly from SAP
  • … and much more

clavisEspressivo – Complete Integration into SAP

clavisEspressivo enhances your SAP system and optimally uses its existing data and functions. The add-on provides additional modules and functions that are fully integrated into the SAP processes.

All service providers and forwarders of your choice can be connected without any difficulty (generic interface). You can administrate clavisEspressivo yourself easily – and it requires no additional development efforts.

Fiori App for the quick display of deliveries

For the display of deliveries - e.g. on the smartphone or tablet - we have developed the clavis Fiori CEP App. In this clearly structured application, a click on an item is sufficient and all details of this entry appear. Another click on the delivery number immediately starts the tracking of the respective express service provider. A dynamic tile already shows the number of deliveries before the app is started. The clavis Fiori CEP app runs with HANA CDS views in the backend and a SAPUI5 frontend.

Technical Details

  • This requires at least release SAP 4.7 or higher
  • clavisEspressivo supports all current interface technologies, like NetWeaver, PI/XI or Business Connector
  • clavisEspressivo can be connected to the standard SAP ECC or S/4HANA
  • CEP-service provider: DHL, UPS, DPD, FedEx, TNT Express, Hermes