Adaptation of Z programs when switching to SAP HANA

You want to migrate to a SAP HANA® database and you have your own ABAP® developments, so-called Z programs in use? No problem - we can help you to make necessary adjustments to your individual programs.

SAP HANA introduction: Are Z programs still executable?

What happens to customer-specific programs (so-called Z-programs) developed in addition to the SAP standard when migrating to (the) SAP HANA (database)? In our experience, almost every HANA project suffers from a typical "bottleneck": the customer's own coding. This affects a considerable part of the "SELECT" statements. Without a technical redesign of these statements, these SELECTs will give wrong results.

This means that after the conversion to SAP HANA, Z programs usually still run, but the results are no longer displayed correctly. In the worst case, the Z programs no longer run at all.

You already have Eclipse? Use the toolset of SAP

SAP provides a toolset that supports you with regard to the Z programs (custom code) during a HANA migration. The ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) - for the systems SAP EhP2 and upwards for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP 12 and the Code Inspector - for older systems before the mentioned versions can help you to change the SELECT command with ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY automatically and thus to achieve HANA conformity in a short time.

No Eclipse environment? Code check and code adaptation with clavis tools!

If you do not use Eclipse with your SAP development environment yet we can guarantee a HANA migration of your Z-programs with our own tools.

For this purpose and as a supplement to the standard SAP tools we have developed tools that identify and automatically migrate the affected places.

All necessary adjustments, especially the sorting according to the primary key, are recognized and carried out. Time and effort that would otherwise have to be spent on searching, sorting and manual adjustments in the programs are saved. Errors, which are unavoidable in manual work, no longer occur. The quality of the code adaptations increases considerably.

Use the knowledge of clavis

We will be happy to coach and accompany you through all these tasks and teaching processes.
A great advantage of a HANA introduction: Not everything has to happen at the same time.
We have actively followed the technological development of SAP S/4 HANA and SAP HANA from the beginning and have accompanied HANA implementations in projects. Talk to us. We look forward to supporting you in your projects.