Integration of gas measurements in clavis Work Safety

With UI5 and OData as mobile Fiori app on your end device

The SAP work safety cockpit clavisWorkSafety, which has been used successfully and trouble-free by customers for years, has received gas measurements as another add-on besides energy separation lists. clavisWorkSafety is used for the creation of hazard assessments with subsequent work release. Gas measurements can be assigned to the individual risk assessments on a daily basis and are already successfully used in the daily business as well as during the shutdown processing.

In order that gas measurements of breathing air, welding air, environment etc., which are mandatory for working in certain areas of a plant, do not have to be documented manually and detached, we have integrated them into clavisWorkSafety and thus into SAP. Gas measurements can be created either with or without assignment to a work permit. In a separate overview cockpit all gas measurements can be managed. This includes functions such as creating, changing and deleting measurements, printing individual measurement forms, performing a measurement or reporting the values or creating follow-up measurements. The assignment of gas measurements to individual risk assessments also flows into the status determination, so that a valid measurement is a prerequisite for a release.

With a mobile Fiori app developed by clavis, employees can also report the measurement results directly via a mobile device. With SAPUI5 in the front-end and OData in the SAP back-end, new technologies ensure a responsive design on the one hand and a fast and secure data acquisition on the other hand. A lack of WLAN coverage of the entire (processing) plant is countered with an independently developed online/offline functionality.